Connecting Martial ARTS

IMAF Europe

International Martial Arts Federation
Dedicated to the Growth, Respect and Unity in Martial Arts.
Why choose IMAF Europe?

“IMAF Europe connects all our Martial Artists, young and old, across all countries of Europe and Beyond. We accept all Martial Arts Styles – traditional and modern.”

Our Vision Statement

Empowering martial artists worldwide, our International Martial Arts Federation envisions a future where tradition and innovation harmoniously coexist. We are committed to a progressive and proactive approach, fostering a community that not only preserves the rich legacy of martial arts but also embraces the boundless opportunities of the future. Through dedication to excellence, inclusivity, and continuous evolution, we aim to inspire practitioners to reach new heights, bridging the gap between tradition and modernity, and ensuring the enduring legacy of martial arts for generations to come.”

The purpose of IMAF Europe is multifaceted and includes the following key objectives:

  1. Promotion of Martial Arts
  2. Standardization of Practices
  3. International Collaboration
  4. Organizing Competitions and Seminars
  5. Education and Training
  6. Cultural Exchange
  7. Ethical an Sporting Values
  8. Advocacy and Representation

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